Melbourne has been my city for the past 2 years. Truly mine because I learned where stuff was on my own. Not being told where to go like Toronto, or unable to explore the town without a car like Guelph. So, as my time here winds down, there are things that I will miss, and some that I won’t.

Secular Society: I was never that involved with school activities in Guelph, or at least not to the extent that I was in high school.  Even in high school I was a shadow, hiding behind the alpha kids.  I showed up to the first general committee meeting of UMSS without having ever spoken to any of the members, and did not stand out, despite being the only female, and minority, in a group of 8 white guys.  But now, I’m top, alpha female shadow.Few people figured out that I engineered the removal of the vice president position so that I could say that I was irreplaceable as VP. I used UMSS to get to know the campus and its students, and used it as my portal to the greater secular community.

The Atheist Circle: It led to another group that I’ll miss that I’ve nicknamed the Atheist Circle, a group of friends based on common atheist principles but really, based on our everyday similarities, just like you would with any friends. Brunches, pub nights, games of Beatles Rock Band…

The Public Health Girls: Danielle, Lim, Mina, Carolyne. Sure they prefer qualitiative over quant but you gotta love them anyways. Other great friends that I’ve met through public health studies- Nisha (with her baby parasite Madhav), Molly, Angeline

Food: Brunetti, Casa del Gelato, Pellegrini’s, Flour Mill, cheap Japanese hand rolls that make up a decent lunch, Indian fast food for a butter chicken fix, Queen Vic Market, churros that you have to be careful not to get icing sugar all down your front because it looks like you’ve been snorting coke, Cupcake shops, Koala cookies from Coles, Tim Tams,generally better chocolate. (Not enough pancakes though.)

Melbourne Sexual Health Centre/Key Centre/School of Population Health: Because I don’t think I could have asked for a better (or more expensive) education. Kit’s got one more disciple.

My gay husband: As much I dislike complimenting him, I have to single him out here because I don’t think there’s anyone here who has influenced my life more in Melbourne.  Despite leaving him twice for Derek (because he’s internet famous!), I am not alone in thinking that one day he’ll end up in politics. Maybe even as Prime Minister of Australia. In Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers, he attributes success to hard work and opportunity coalescing at the right time, something I see in Blondie (now if only he paid that much attention to his studies).  Without Jason’s effort in pushing Secular Society, and the atheist agenda forward, I certainly would not have half of the experiences I have had so far.  I suppose now I can’t actually refer to him as my gay husband as we’re not getting married to circumvent Aussie immigration (which he would have agreed to in exchange for cupcakes) but he’ll always be my first gay husband.

PS- I gave him a million nicknames but one I didn’t use often enough was Pup. There are 3 ways in which he resembles a puppy. 1. He’s always happy to see you 2. Everyone loves him, especially old ladies 3. If you give him a treat, he’ll be your friend forever.