Yesterday, I may have started a small flame war with Jacqui, over who had the most nerd credibility.  I immediately pulled out the race card. Plus, I wear glasses. Those two things tend to be closers.  But I got to thinking about it, and what truly makes a nerd? List time! (shut up, I know I overuse this gimmick) (And no, not all of these apply to me. Please add to the list)

1. You’ve stayed awake during a policy lecture.
2. You’ve had your picture taken with an obscure celebrity and waited over an hour and a half for it.
3. You were eternally grateful that the patient was lying down on the table and couldn’t see you screwing up.
4. You’ve blown up/broken/hurt yourself in the lab.
5. You wear glasses, yet you keep straining your eyes by spending all day on the computer, watching tv and reading.
6. Your hand has been in some weird places (non-sex related)
7. You have a favourite version of Number Six from BSG.
8. You are a leaf on the wind.
9. You’ve thought about getting a science tattoo on your body somewhere but are too squeamish to actually get it done. Bonus points if you sucked it up and got it done.
10. You’ve worn a costume outside of the house when it wasn’t Halloween.
11. It had to be pointed out to you that wearing a lab coat outside the lab probably wasn’t a good idea. Nor is it a fashion statement.
12. You took multiple photos with a cardboard cutout in multiple poses.
13. You have a piece of clothing or kitchen item that says “Science, it works, bitches.” (“Talk nerdy to me” and other similar sentiments also acceptable)
14. You’ve stuck your hand in a bucket of formulin to retrieve your specimen and not gagged on the smell.
15. You’ve worn 2 pieces of argyle clothing, non-matching, at the same time.
16. Your BSc includes an H on the end.
17. You’re a grad student and your research won’t help you get a job.
18. You’ve pushed something upstairs/uphill, only to have fall back down, and then you thought about the forces of gravity and friction as it got further away.
19. You mock others for not knowing who Cthulhu or Captain Jack Harkness are.
20. You welcome our squid overlords.
21. You’ve understood a math joke on someone’s tshirt.
22. Your own family won’t acknowledge you when you’re nerding it up.
23. You buy a Simpsons trivia game for a male relative, and then trounce the competition when you’re the only female playing.
24. You made up your own LOLScience.
25. You’re Asian. Bonus for being in a field already saturated with Asians ie medicine, maths, engineering.
26. You wish David Attenborough taught your zoology class.
27. You’ve held up a real skull (doesn’t have to be human), and done the Hamlet soliloquy.
28. You’ve read a scholarly article at a bar. (Borrowed from the Grad Students aren’t Bad people, they just made bad choices facebook group)
29. Even the nerds think you’re a nerd.
30. Been in the library until the 2 am closing, and it wasn’t midterms or finals.
31. Saw a bull (at the semen collecting facility) ejaculate into a rubber vagina, and all you could think of was “That’s really pointy”.
32. You’re a Canon girl, and secretly make fun of those who buy olympus.
33. You tried to name your cat Buckyball but were shot down by your flatmate.

The Science Personality Quiz that’s in the National Science Week 2009 Program that Danielle questioned me on.

Have you submitted more than one myth on the Mythbusters website this week? I stay off the Mythbuster forums now, there’s too many crazies on there.

Have you ever popped a Mentos into someone’s Diet Coke as a revenge attack? I’ve always wanted to try it but I can’t stand the idea of cleaning it up.

Do you ever wonder what happened to the promise of x-ray vision? Sometimes.

Have you ever wanted to create a robot to do your household chores? It’s called a Roomba. And a dishwasher.  And I don’t have either.