I’ll admit, my personal life is pretty much non-existent right now but there are a number of reasons why I hate straight guys.  Mostly because straight guys have this air of obliviousness around them, and the cute ones are always fans of the LA Lakers.  One guy thought a moa was a mammal; that door was shut pretty quickly.  It may also have to do with the fact that so many straight guys are hell-bent on denying certain rights to certain minorities.  Pierre Trudeau once commented that the eyes of the state do not belong in the bedroom.  But what about when the bedroom comes before the eyes of the state?  It astounds me that Kevin Rudd refuses to even acknowledge a debate on same-sex marriage.  He has actually said that marriage is only between a man and a woman.  Every time he’s on Rove, he will not even answer a tongue-in-cheek question – who would you go gay for?  Instead, he cops out and says his wife.  Come on, K.Rudd, we all know you want Swannie (Hahahaaaa).  And this is what passes for the left in this country?  Ruddy, it’s not just about religion, it’s about equality, equity and recognition of a partner to make medical and financial decisions.

So, instead of a boyfriend, I’ve decided on the next best thing; a gay husband.  Currently, I use the term ‘gay husband’ as a term of endearment for my best gay guy pal.  However, the irony metre runs pretty high when we, not being romantically involved, could get married to circumvent Australian immigration (and thus, literally become my gay husband), but he could never marry his boyfriend, according to current legislation.

Canada has had gay marriage for a few years now, and curiously, the country has not fallen into complete ruin (global financial crisis notwithstanding).  It’s even a bit of a tourist attraction, with approximately 150 couples coming in from the US every week, although that number has dropped since some of the American states started recognising same-sex marriage. Gay marriage has been around for a lot longer than you think.  Denmark legalised it back in 1989, albeit with a prohibition on adoption and calling it a registered partnership.  Baby steps.  However, 60% of Australians support gay marriage.  So maybe the legalisation of it will help the remaining 40% to realise that the gays are here and it will be normalised into mainstream society.  In the US, it was once illegal for a black man to marry a white woman.  Today, a product of a black man and a white woman is now the most powerful man in the world.  One day, there will be a gay person in that position.  I’m waiting for the day for the bicurious minority female to rule this world.  Sexuality isn’t an either or, it’s a spectrum (One of the first clues about gay hubby was that he didn’t flinch when I talked about this. Any straight guy would have).  Sure, I’m still not used to the in-betweens, it is a lot easier to place people in one box or the other but sexuality is a fluid medium.  Homosexuality occurs frequently in the animal kingdom; I’ve even seen it encouraged in a laboratory setting (bull semen collecting but that’s a story for another day).

Where would we be without the gay fashion designer?  Without the indie female rocker?  Without Neil Patrick Harris?!  Where would I be without my gay husband?  They certainly make the world a lot more interesting, and a lot more colourful.  Love is hard enough to find.  If you’re lucky, you’ll experience it a couple of times and discover the right one for you.  This world is filled with sadness and heartbreak, loneliness and dark nights, why should we deny the expression of love to others who have had the incredible fortune to find it?

(Although happy couples, hetero or homo, should probably stay away from this cynic…)