I finally had my first meeting with my supervisor yesterday. Right off the bat, he asked me if he detected an American accent, then quickly corrected himself “or a Canadian accent?” He further tried to cover by saying he meant a North American accent. While it is the first time that I can remember this year of being mistaken for American, it still rankles.

Last night, I dreamt of poutine and doughnuts. Proper poutine with cheese curds, not the kind that Lord of the Fries tries to pass off as “French-Canadian” sauce. (Although, I don’t believe the doughnuts were of Tim Horton’s origin, I’m pretty sure they would never use toasted coconut) While this post would be more appropriate around a Canadian holiday, I need to get this off my chest now. Isn’t it Roll up the Rim time? That’s a Canadian high holiday.

So, I’m asking you, how can I be more Canadian here? It’s not like I can say I’ll just take a seat on the chesterfield, or wear a toque to my meetings in 28C weather (I don’t look good in hats anyways). Sing “Spirit of the West” or hum the Hockey Night in Canada (the old one) theme in the hallways? Drop a few more ehs in conversation? Espouse the benefits of universal health care? (To an extent, Australia has UHC, so really it would only be effective in shaming Americans) Hop on Melbourne public transit and call it the red rocket? (Aside: If I say I’m going for a ride on the red rocket, everyone will look at me strangely and say that’s inappropriate for public conversation) Wear a Leafs jersey? (That’s just wrong) Start saying a-boot? Build my own inukshuk? (NB: I would have gotten some Olympic gear while I was home but as usual, those things are overpriced) Put up a poster of Wayne Gretzky?

(I’ve already got the flag on my backpack)

So here’s my plan. You send me a postcard and I’ll send an Aussie one back. And really, this isn’t limited to people in Canada. Although I suspect only a few people will even read this. (If you want my address, message me- It’s changed from last year)

Random Side Notes:

Is it wrong for Canadians to connect so strongly with a beer commercial? In particular, crappy beer? I recall walking through a Wegman’s in upstate New York one time. I don’t know what I found more surprising; that you could sell alcohol in a supermarket or that the Canadian brands that they carried were Labatt’s and Molson. Really? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRI-A3vakVg

The Americans have a halfway-decent administration that is trying to rebuild science research, while Stephen Harper and his band of moronic minions whittle down research funding. The man has so little respect for science he appointed a chiropractor as the Minister for Science! That’s not even a real doctor! (Not that doctors even qualify as scientists, unless they are the elusive physician-researcher hybrid) And the chiropractor is a creationist!

US: Nobel laureate
Canada: Chiropractor

Come on! We’ve spent the last 8 years feeling superior to them, it can’t stop now!