Using free internet in the Sydney airport but it won’t let me into facebook…

At quarter to nine this morning, Qantas called me to let me know that my 11 am flight was cancelled from Melbourne to Sydney due to “mechanical reasons”. They could put me on the 10:30 flight but I was out in Doncaster East, at least a 40 min drive to the airport. Luckily, my aunt got me there in time. If anyone has ever rushed to catch a flight, you know how it feels. Plus, the Yeung family is perpetually early, it’s genetically encoded, so I was pretty panicked this morning. Of course, then the 10:30 flight was delayed. But it was alright, other than the unwashed teenager I was sitting next to, and the slight turbulence that had me saying a quick prayer to His Noodliness.

Now I’m killing time in Sydney Airport, where a bottle of water is $4. I was about to do an airport survey by Tourism Australia but they had already reached their quota of Canadians.

Next stop, Hong Kong and the pandas.