So after spending a year abroad (ok, 9 months), I’ve learned a lot. I think. Or stuff I already knew has been clarified and drilled into me.

1.    Being a coursework postgraduate student is nothing more than a glorified undergrad.

2.    Being UMSS VP is nothing more than a glorified spellchecker.

3.    Don’t let stuff be run by a committee of boys unless you want all hell to break loose (if hell existed).

4.    When you are surrounded by medical doctors who have worked in Africa, Asia, some of the poorest places in the world, you’re still stuck being team leader.

5.    In the grand scheme of things, you are insignificant but it doesn’t mean you stop trying to change the world.

6.    Every problem is so much more complex than we make it out to be. And it’s society’s fault. And by society, I mean men.

7.    Stats is still stupid.

8.    American politics is infinitely more interesting than everything else but you still need to be aware of the rest of the world. They also have the biggest whackjobs. In positions of power.

9.    China needs to be held accountable. What they do or don’t do has repercussions on everyone else.

10. ProMED mail makes you feel smarter.

11. I’m more socialist and feminist than I realized.

12. Atheism rules.

13. But getting atheists to participate is like herding cats.

14. Friends are fleeting, family is forever. Even if someone calls at 11pm the night before a 9am exam. Or at 3am to let you know they’ve landed safely. So stop getting sick on me.

15. I’ll never be able to escape Black’s Photography and passport photos.

16. Stephen Colbert is a uniter. Jon Stewart is a divider.

17. The debate over abortion is an emotional one, and it will never die.

18. The quickest way to make friends? Bond against a common enemy.

19. Australians talk funny.

20. 5 papers in 3 weeks? Easy-peasy. As long as one of them is a journal you’ve been working on for the entire semester and ¾ of the remaining papers are topics you’re passionate about.

21. Wearing a red jacket makes you stand out. And visible in the dark.

22. Bloc Party is not indie rock. At best, it is electronic alt-rock.

23. The suburbs of Melbourne are not well-marked.

24. I prefer trains and trams over buses.

25. YMCA/CollegeSquare sucks.

26. Brunetti’s is heaven on earth (If heaven existed).

27. LOLcats make me laugh. Sadly.

28. South Park is a disturbing yet accurate representation of society.

29. Life would be easier if I was a ninja.

30. Churros are delicious (I didn’t say this list would be insightful).

31. Aussie flies are highly aggressive, and the spiders refuse to die.

32. It’s pronounced Mel-bun.

There’s probably more but I always think of these things on the tram and never bother to write them down.