Hi Everyone

I’m DONE! (for the semester anyways)

Just wrote my last exam, epidemiology, this afternoon. You’d think after taking it in my undergrad only 3 years ago, I’d be good at this sort of thing but unfortunately in the last 5 mins of the exam, I second-guessed myself and changed my answer to non-differential from differential misclassification…Lesson learned. Hopefully that won’t affect my overall mark too much, I’ve been doing so well (like Jess-well).

Worst part of the exam? Wasn’t around to hear the Celtics win on internet radio.  (Not that I care for Boston, I just wanted to hear the Eastern Conference win, and for Kobe to get what he deserves)

And in case anyone cares about stats, I think I did okay but I just wish I had more time to go over my answers. I was checking my first answer and as soon as I got a different number than my original calculation, the prof called “pencils down”.

Afterwards, I went out with a few friends for our usual post-exam cake and ate my way through Melbourne.  First off was the delightful Italian bakery, Brunetti’s, which I think I love because they have profiteroles stacked up on top of each other, like a crocambouche with chocolate drizzled on top. The dessert this time was a Hazelnut Rolo, vanilla sponge cake with hazelnut cream topped with chocolate and hazelnuts. Afterwards, we headed off to New Zealand Natural, an ice-cream shop, where I had mango passionfruit frozen yogurt. Then, we walked down Lygon, onto Bourke to this little Italian hole-in-the-wall called Pellegrini’s. It was simple Italian food but definitely the best since I’ve left Canada, just like Augusto’s. They had watermelon granita but I only had a taste since I was sugared out from aforementioned cake and ice cream. It was a great time, albeit bittersweet since everyone is from different unis that we won’t see each other as much next semester.

So now what? I’ve got nothing to do until Karen flies into Sydney on July 8th, other than shopping with my pregnant friend for maternity clothes (and yes, it does weird me out that I am at an age where it is appropriate for my friends to be pregnant), and returning to the video game exhibit for some more guitar hero. I figure I have lots more of exploring and eating through Melbourne to do and my “winter” break is a great time to do it.