Two months into living in a new country and I still seem to be suffering a malady of the old country. Once again, I have a cold.

It is quite curious, and ironic that I have become everything that I have studied in public health. In Principles and Practices of Public Health, I have learned that illness is not just caused by exposure to germs but by the environment and state of mental health.

It is one thing to say that my immune system is merely adjusting to a new environment with entirely new pathogens but I’m pretty sure that’s not the only reason. I was stressed out from being in a new country and ergo, not sleeping well. My entire support network is in another hemisphere, so I had no one to whine to in my time of need. I don’t have the same face to face time with my friends here as I did back home, or rather, the relationships are not strong enough yet to feel comfortable expressing all of my idiosyncrasies. There are no pets here to play with (not even bratty little beagles) and I already killed a plant. The only regular visitors I have in my apartment are houseflies that I would prefer if they lived somewhere else.

That’s just my fancy way of saying I miss everyone.

On the bright side, I have joined a couple of clubs here. The University of Melbourne Secular Society (UMSS), despite having an abbreviation that makes you sound hesitant, isn’t bad although I think most people approach it from a philosophical perspective instead of my nerdy scientific perspective. And I am actually talking to people in my tutes (tutorials) now, we all bond against the collective fear of failing stats and epi (mostly stats). Also, I’m appreciating the worldly experiences everyone brings to the table, even if they have a culture that makes them say everything twice…

Anyways. Go RAPTORS! (or at least make it a 7-game series).