The Aussies get an entire week off for Easter. So I went with Auntie Salina and her daughter Ollie to Warrnambool by train. On the way back, we took a coach along Great Ocean Road, transferred at Apollo Bay, and took another train from Geelong to Melbourne. Mostly went for the beach in Warrnambool but it was chilly (22C is cool down here) and the water was freezing. So we walked all along Shipwreck Walk, basically runs parallel to the beach up to Ritchie Point, where you could see all of Warrnambool (it’s not that big).

Other than going into an art gallery, there really isn’t much to see in Warrnambool. The town plays up the history of its port and all the shipwrecks that occurred there. Including a laser show.

Great Ocean Road on the other hand, is gorgeous and awe-inspiring, and rainy. For a place that is going through a drought, it’s been fairly heavy rain for the last few days. I don’t mind, they really need it here. It does make picture-taking problematic, though. Ollie and I tried taking turns holding the umbrella while the other took pictures but eventually the wind got the better of us. Also, the coach only stops for about 5-10 mins, enough time to run out, snap a few shots and run back into the coach. Which was fine, considering we got soaked every time. Also, on the coach from Warrnambool to Apollo Bay, there were only 8 people on the bus, 4 of them under the age of 30. Only us young people were brave or foolish enough to run out in the rain.

It was mostly rock formations, formed from erosion of the crashing waves. First stop was the Bay of Islands. Then it was London Bridge, which literally fell down one day, the coach driver was telling us. It used to connect to a small island, until it fell and left a few people stranded on there. They had to be helicoptered off. Next, we saw the infamous Loch Ard Gorge, site of a deadly shipwreck where only 2 survived (apparently, this is the basis for the laser show). Finally, we saw the 12 Apostles, but due to erosion, there’s only 7(?) of them left, I’m not sure, I didn’t count.

At Apollo Beach, the rain was even worse, coming down in sheets with brief periods of sunshine. From there, we went to Geelong along the Road again but the view was completely different. More beach and trees- saw plenty of surfers along the way. Also, you can peer off the cliff straight into the water. Like in the media, when you see a car dangerously close to falling off the edge of a cliff..that kind of thrilling drive. I tried to photograph it but it definitely doesn’t do it justice. Also, saw my first wild koala along that drive.