After being out of school for almost a year, I had my first day of infectious disease epidemiology. And it turns out that everyone is a doctor! (or at least some kind of professional, I know at least one other person is not a doctor, but she’s a pharmacist). Luckily, today was like a review of the basic epidemiology terms and concepts ie vector, reservoir. One big nerd-fest. and SARS kept coming up a lot…all I could think of was the t-shirt that the Toronto Star printed up during that summer- checkboxes of SARS, West Nile, Mad Cow and SARS Again! I have to introduce myself at the next lesson, I may have to work that in somehow. Or how UoG was hit by Norwalk bc one person didn’t wash their hands before eating.

Anyways, at the beginning of the class, the lecturer (aussies tend to use lecturer instead of professor) gave us binders with an outline, this week’s class notes and some reading material (which I’m trying to slog through right now). I got all excited because I could save one of my binders for another course. Open it up and it’s got 2 holes. 2 HOLES. So if I want to add printer paper to this binder, I have to find a 2-holed hole puncher. Aussie paper is weird, it’s got 7 holes in it to fit a 2, 3 or 4 ring binder. Also, they use A4 paper here, which is about an inch longer than 8.5×11 approximately. So I’m dealing with a bit of culture shock here.

At a workshop last week on adjusting to aussie culture, they said that the Americans were the worst at dealing with the culture shock. Let’s hope that doesn’t apply to North Americans, but I am having a hard time finding Kraft Dinner. and KFC doesn’t have poutine here! I have partially eaten my way through the city here though. Their donuts, while expensive, are a lot more adorable than ours, I saw one shaped like a gingerbread woman with a neon-bright skirt. Also, they call ketchup “tomato sauce” and peppers “capsicum” (mostly in the paper saying the police are using more capsicum spray). Concentrate juice is called cordial and it’s not frozen. It also tastes like fake sugar. Unfortunately, I’ve got 2 bottles of it now.