Hey Everyone!

Sorry it’s taken me so long to get this going but I haven’t had a lot of internet access lately (although this one isn’t too great either, so slow to upload photos). I’m doing a blog because it’s the easiest way of informing everyone at once, rather than typing out an individual response to all the questions on facebook, or keeping in touch with people who have not fallen into the evil clutches of facebook. Especially since I didn’t bother to tell some people that I was moving to Australia to do my Masters in Public Health.

Anyways, I landed in Melbourne on Feb 13, after 30hrs of flying through Anchorage and Hong Kong. The only good thing about that was I got to see both sunrise and sunset above the clouds. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any photos (not sitting by window and I would have just gotten reflections). First bit of Aussie humour in the airport, leading to baggage claim “Stare at empty carousel, or shop till you drop!” advertising their duty free shop.

School hasn’t started yet, other than orientation events but I’m glad I’ve still got a week to go as it turns out I’m not properly enrolled yet…spent most of today running all over campus and it still isn’t resolved. Had a coursework selection session this morning and ended up being there for 3 hrs. Also felt a little weird because I’m pretty sure I was the youngest one there…everyone else were doctors, nurses or on their second career.


PS- no comments from the peanut gallery about the title of the blog. I like alliteration and I couldn’t think of anything else.